How do you handles aggressive phone or door-to-door soliciting?

It is Sunday, barely past morning, I have had another person literally banging on my door, selling something or trying to get me to join his church (I rarely answer the door, and did not this time).

I am getting really tired of this, particularly the habit of pounding on the door. I keep my screen door locked, and it is 80% class, so pounding hard on it could break the glass, and leave me with a mess to clean up and a repair to make and/or pay for.

One does not invite these people onto one's property, yet they turn up regularly, and then act as if they have a right to talk to you, even come into your house.

There is a similar problem with phone soliciting -- if cold callers cannot get you on the phone, or get a yes from you, then they just keep calling, as many as three or four times a day.

Does anyone out there have a unique way to deal with these kinds of problems?

I really resent the invasion of my privacy, and the fact that people are trespassing, creating a disturbance, and risking damaging MY property.


Sorry, but up to the time I am writing this, few people have answered my question. I do not go to the door, or pick up the phone. I am upset with the constant calls, and -- more importantly -- uninvited people being on my property and pounding on my door.

Would a NO SOLICITING sign really work?

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    If I were you I would find out what religious organization is coming to your door. I know where I live there is Jehovah Witness Hall that canvases the same neighborhoods they pounded on our screen door too. I was working out at the time & was not going to stop my Yoga pose to answer the door so they just banged harder and harder. They even went to the side door and pounded on that door too. I found out what hall they were from and reported their conduct. You can also request your address is removed from their canvassing. (there are other churches that canvass for new converts not just JW's)

    Also maybe put up a sign in your window requesting no solicitors I'll include a link of some signs you could print out and post in your door.

    As far as phone calls go put yourself on the do not call list. Also start taking names of the people who call you and the company they call you from. Politely ask them to stop calling you if they persist especially after you've added your phone number to the government do not call list then call the company talk to a supervisor and report them also make a police report for harassment. Phone harassment is a federal offensive and if you can name a company and a particular employee they should stop.

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    First time: I smile and say "no, thanks" politely, then shut the door without giving them a chance to say anything else.

    Second time: They get full cannon blazing, and I threaten to call the cops if they don't get off my property immediately. People like that get one chance. They know exactly what they're doing; they don't need more.

    On the phone, I say "no, thank you" very firmly, but I smile so they can hear a kind voice. I make very sure to add "put me on your Do Not Call list." We both know that it takes 30 days for that to take effect, but it lets them know I mean business and they don't usually call back. If they do ... well, I have caller ID. I don't have to answer.

    Note that you can prominently display a "No Soliciting" sign on your house or property. The law regarding solicitation is enacted at a local level, so find out what your city's ordinance is. In some cities, as long as you have a sign posted, it is illegal for a solicitor to approach you on your own property, and the police can legally intervene.

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    Put a sign on your door that reads "NO SOLICITORS". If you should answer the door and find one there, just step back and close the door.

    Depending on where you live, there may be a "DO NOT CALL" request you can make by dialing a number and recording our phone number so that: in a 30 day period, the calls will stop. Go to your state web site to find that number to be put on the "DO NOT CALL LIST". This does not eliminate some computer generated phone calls, but it will reduce the sales calls greatly. But, you may still get calls from 876 or 867 numbers that seem like 800 numbers but are actually from Jamacia. Never call those numbers as it will cost you over$10. per minute.

    I still get sales calls every so often and I just play with them. I made up this language and break into it while "speaking" to the solicitors. They get fed up and hang up on me and take my name off of their list. It is fun to have them hang up on ME!!

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    You need a large sign on the door saying no soliciting and no pounding on the door; violators will be reported to police. Let all calls go to voicemail.

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    I don't answer the door or phone to solicitors. I have caller ID and I have the ability to look out the window secretly before opening the door to a stranger.

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    Put a sign on your door that says no soliciting. That may help a little.

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    Got it off your chest now?

    With callers in person stick your face into theirs and slowly but firmly say "GO AWAY"

    With phone botherers just hang up.

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