any suggestion on how to block out noises?

I am staying in a hostel with many other students. My housemates are extremely noisy, they talk and laugh up until very late at night that I can't sleep. Do you have any suggestions on how to block out that noise so thay I can study, or sleep peacefully? Please dont suggest on telling them, I've tried( im staying in my single room by the way)

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  • mitch
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    7 years ago
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    01. Earplugs.

    02. Go to the pharmacy & ask the pharmacist which are most effective for the situation you are in. They come in different dB to block types of frequency.

    03. I carry mine with me all the time. Waiting rooms, sirens coming, loud bass in cars, all kinds of situations are noise pollution & should be blocked. I even wear mine in the movie theatre. Theatres are notorious for sound blast that leaves the audience with ringing in their ears long after the show is over.

    04. Try the earplugs.

    Good Luck & Best of Quiet Time.

  • 7 years ago

    Specialized earplugs designed for use in industrial environments do a pretty good job. They're made of soft plastic, with a series of soft circles around the stem. The pair is connected with a plastic cord, and they're cheap enough to be disposable. There's another kind made of foam, which you squeeze small enough to insert into your ear canal, where they expand.

    I often wore mine to the supermarket, so I could hear myself think over the pop music they played. I wish I'd had them with me at the movies last night – the heavy music, roars, and explosions were overwhelming.

    Bose and other manufacturers make "noise-cancelling" headphones. They're also adaptable for use as regular headphones. They cut down the engine roar in airplanes.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    earplugs DO NOT work. there re wax ear plugs, but they just muffle the noise. u can go to a hardware store and buy earphones which are designed for industrial use for heavy machinery, they muffle noise much better. u will be able to study but I am not sure u will be able to sleep in them - they re quite big

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