Do you find that "deferring to god" before commencing an action causes positive outcomes?

" Deferring to the higher consciousness, the spirit, the Divine, if you will, opens us up to unlimited, even infinite possibilities, transcending the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and other capacities we bring to the situation. Opening to this higher force before commencing an act has the power to evoke positive responses from life. Actions are completed much better than expected, people respond more positively, events move more quickly, and life "cooperates."

This power solves problems, resolves conflicts, dissolves dead habits and unwanted traits, opens up new opportunities, generates freshness and enjoyment in everything we do, widens the personality, deepens our awareness, and reveals one's true inner self. To experience this effect just once in one's life is to set one onto a new course in life.

By deferring to the Spiritual Consciousness before an activity or event commences, you will experience that somehow life responds in a positive way. For example, an engineer deferring to the Spirit before beginning his work can have breakthrough discoveries or insights that he or she could never have been able to have based only on one's own knowledge, skills, and efforts. An instructor who calls to the Force for help before his class commences watches as everything during the day seems to dovetail perfectly into place, and anticipated problems just vanish. "

Do you find that "deferring to god" before commencing an action causes ease and positive outcomes?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Deferring to God is good. But it works quite differently than how you suggest.

  • 7 years ago

    No. Deferring to a power which has no evidence for its existence means nothing. Rather than spending time pondering what the alleged power would want you to do (and it is not amazing at all that different people will come to different solutions to the same problem pondering the same power), one accomplishes more, and more quickly, by acting, not pondering.

    Cotton Mather deferred to God before condemning witches. Fred Phelps defers to God before picketing military funerals. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry both claimed God wanted them to run for President. They couldn't both be right, but they could both be wrong.

    Deferring to God is code for I need a scapegoat if something goes wrong. (It must have been God's plan, it wasn't my fault.) Bush deferred to God before invading Iraq (he even called it a crusade). He also (allegedly) claimed atheists could not be patriotic and could not be citizens (I take offence being a disabled Navy veteran atheist).

    Christians ofttimes defer to God before bombing abortion clinics, or trying to insert religious views into biology, history, civics, and government school texts.

    There are a whole bunch of Bible-believin' God-Deferrers on the House Science and Technology Committee (including the chair). Those same people deny that anything other than the Biblical creation story could be the correct description of life.

    No. Deferral to God is a cop-out for owning your own convictions.

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    7 years ago

    The benefit of chanting daimoku is immeasurable and boundless. Indeed, there is infinite power in chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo just one time. The Daishonin says, "If you recite these words of the daimoku once, then the Buddha nature of all living beings will be summoned and gather around you" .

  • 7 years ago

    yes, besides all that other junk you wrote. I skipped the 3 paragraphs and am just responding to the last line.

    also you can replace 'god' with 'pot':

    "deferring to pot before commencing an action causes ease and positive outcomes"

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  • 7 years ago

    I find that dwelling on the emptiness of the universe, if anything, tends to weaken, rather than strengthen, my stringent moral code.

  • india
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    7 years ago

    No, but I do find that quiet reflection is helpful before making a big decision.

  • Raine
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    7 years ago


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