Poll: Eminem or Justin Timberlake?

I'm not a big fan of both of them, but here we go.

MY OPINION (Just an Idea for those who are wondering).


I know popularity doesn't matter, but some people compare the popularity of artists. But OK.

Eminem sold 100 Million records, JT 20 Million records something (he has 4 albums released). Even if NSYNC's sales count, Eminem still outsells JT.

I would say Eminem is the biggest rapper today with a huge impact in rap music, and he is the biggest male artist along with Usher since Michael Jackson, even though Eminem is a rapper.

Justin Timberlake, he took a break from music 7 years, he should make more music during those years, and most of his years involves NSYNC, and acting, but I wouldn't say he is the biggest, but I would say he is more popular to teenage girls since his NSYNC days. Eminem was the Artist of the Decade (2000's) by Billboard. Even if Eminem is over 40, his music appeals to every age, and both male and female, and still relevant today since the 90's. JT is kinda relevent, but when his comeback hype is gone, most people started to forget him except his fans. JT shouldn't released 20/20 Part 2.

For social media, I will only count YouTube and Facebook because if people can buy likes on Facebook, then Justin Bieber would have got more likes than Eminem, Michael Jackson, and Rihanna.


1. Eminem - 78 Million Likes

2. Michael Jackson - 66 Million Likes

3. Usher - 44 Million Likes

3. Justin Timberlake - 28 Million Likes



8 Million Subscribers

2.8 Billion Views

8 VEVO Certified Videos

Justin Timberlake

2 Million Subscibers

600 Million Views

1 VEVO Certified Video

Instagram and Twitter - Most people buy followers (JT probably) for Instagram and Twitter, for facebook likes, not really. I know Eminem barely uses social media.

Most people go on Facebook and YouTube anyways, for news update and music videos.

Overall - Eminem.


Eminem is sort of more successful than JT.

They both became popular (kinda) at the same time. Eminem (1999), JT (2002) as a solo artist.

Eminem has 13 Grammy Awards, JT has 6.

Eminem has 8 number one albums and 2 diamond certified albums. JT has 3 number one albums, but MMLP1 sold 1.7 million copies in one week, 20/20 P1 (968k copies in one week, if it sold 1 million copies, it would have been platinum, but it didn't. JT's most popular album is FS/LS, but still didn't diamond. NSYNC doesn't count, but if it did, then it would been called JT and the backup group.

Eminem has 4 lead #1 hits, JT has 3 lead #1 hits (excluding Give It to Me because he was a featured artist). If "The Monster" reach #1 next week, he would have more #1 hits than JT if people count Give It to Me. Most people including some (not all) JT fans dislike Suit & Tie. Mirrors is an OK song, but it did better than Suit & Tie, and Mirrors is the latest JT song that most people know. Tunnel Vision, TBTN, and TKO didn't do well (I don't know why JT fans aren't supporting his latest singles) mostly because his comeback hype is gone. Suit & Tie and Mirrors did better than his latest singles because of the comeback hype and promotion he is receiving. I'm not going to judge Eminem's latest singles because we don't know if The Monsters will reach #1. But Eminem had 3 number one hits when he came back to music in 2009. 20/20 only sold more because it was JT's first album in 7 years. Eminem's last album was in 2011 that he did with Bad Meets Evil, but MMLP1 outsold 20/20 P1 in first week sales.

Overall - Eminem.


They are both not actors though.

Eminem only appear in one movie, 8 Mile, as a lead character, but he did well, and his song "Lose Yourself" won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Justin Timberlake, he's an OK actor, his acting is not Oscar worthy though, he has some OK and bad movies. Some did well, some didn't do well. Not saying he is a bad actor, but he is way better at SNL than acting, and I prefer his SNL appearance over his music and movies.

Overall - Tie.

CONCLUSION - Eminem, but again I'm not a big fan of both of them.

What do you guys think? Just a poll.


Also, most people compare both of them for no reason. Just because they both make music dominated by black artists, and they are both white doesn't mean they are similar. Eminem is Rap/Hip Hop. JT is Pop, but most people mistaken him for a R

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  • 7 years ago
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    O how much you wrote. But I pick Eminem. I don't think JT can really sing but although I like his songs. Eminem is the biggest REAL rapper since Tupac and Biggie.

  • ...
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Justin Timberlake..

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


  • 7 years ago

    I was going to ask if suicide was an option, but then I saw how long the question is.

    I think Eminem probably had the bigger cultural impact. But I also think it's worth considering what proportion of those "popularity" statistics of his are from people researching in order to be able to dissect and criticize exactly why he's terrible/dangerous/etc. (Along the same lines as that all those angry parents in the '60s had to buy those Beatles albums in order to burn them.)

    And I think the vast, vast majority of his notoriety comes from infamy rather than fame or talent.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Eminem. Not even close

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Ouch. I don't even know. They're both so talented. But I think that they're also amazing for different reasons.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    why are you even asking this question. i don't understand why you would spend time on searching these and comparing people but... eminem. definitely. he's done so many things and inspired so many people

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Eminem. No contest.

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