hi i have a car question?

Ok my car temp needle runs at the first line or a little above it but never gets to the halfway point is this normal or is my thormostat bad? Ok I changed my oil flush my radiator so its new coolant in it and I just put on a new coolant temp sensor it idles at 1200 all the time is this normal? I opened my coolant top when my engine was cold and started it the level was high and the coolant was swirling around in a circle and it was slowly getting higher in the radiator neck as the engine warming up is this normal? Is my thormostat working properly? Or is it stuck open?and my heat works just fine btw 96 chrysler sebring jx convertible 2.5 6ln

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  • 6 years ago
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    the factory installed temp gauge is more than likely working fine, if the thermostat is stuck open the motor would then run hot, for the thermostat its purpose is to close long enough for the radiator and cooling fan to do there job witch is too cool the water down, as the water cools down the thermostat then opens and lets the cooler water in to the motor, and than closing again to repeat the process, there buy keeping the water below boiling, the combustion camber on a typical motor runs in the thousands degree, so if the thermostat were not working and stuck open the water would not have a chance to cool and there buy keep increasing in temp.

  • 6 years ago

    It is old and not very good car so do not pay too much attention to those little things as they can drive you crazy for no good reason . As long as you do regular maintenance and check oil and water and other fluids in regular intervals and they seem to be always on the same level just drive it as long as it goes .

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