Men, what do you think about smelling like a woman?

Note: This is just a personal preference of mine and if you want to make smartass or sexist comments please screw off.

The smell of any sort of men's fragrance (deodorant, cologne, aftershave etc.) disgusts me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too crazy about women's either but it smells rather un-bothering to me if a person passes by and smells like women's perfume or whatever it smells nice or rather 'devine' if the thing they used is really good. But if another person passes by and is wearing any kind of manly fragrance I just hate it.

So, my question is to fellow men out there: How would you feel if your girlfriend/wife/partner asked you to wear feminine fragrance just in their presence and no where else with your friends etc. that would not make you feel any less manly?

p.s. I'm a girl.

Another question for women: How do you feel about manly scents?

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  • 6 years ago
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    What about natural? With the scent nature gives you without adding artificial musk, cologne or aftershave? I never like cologne either. After a shower with non-scented soap there should not be much of any sort of odor. I do not care for strong perfume myself.

  • 6 years ago

    I do not like anything sweet or fruity smelling on me personally but on women I love the smell of vanilla or candy, with me I like scents that are head turners and have a very subtle scent right now I am using Diesel masculine I been getting compliments on it for years now and It is my favorite, and body spray I use when I get out of the shower is old spice wolfthorne.

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