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Joined a gym.. What equipment/diet should I Use and follow?

I'm the black girl on the left.. Anyway, So basically I am joining a gym very soon (tomorrow) and just wanted to know what equipment i should use and what exercises and diet i should do/have in order to achieve the following:

- 6 pack abs.

- toned body.

- muscular arms .. (well, defined shaped arms :P)

- a more defined v line.

- smaller waist and (or) bigger hips.

Once again, I'm the girl on the LEFT.. wearing the black leggings. Sorry this was the only full body pic I could find of myself on my phone -_-

Anyway, I don't think any of the points i have mentioned are unrealistic..I understand it will take time. But as I am not too big, it shouldn't take too long..? I'm also 1000% dedicated and motivated.

Could someone please tell me what i need to do (IN THE GYM) and what foods and supplements (healthy ones) i should take?? PLEASE DON'T tell me "healthy foods" ..i know that, but what foods though? state names...

Sorry for the essay X_X any relevant responses will be very much appreciated!! Thanks so much. I will also answer any questions you have...

- Lola :)

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    Regarding exercises and instruments you can ask you gym instructor, he/ she may be able to help you better. Tell them what you want to achieve, beforehand.

    You can have high protein diet, since they help in body building.

    eating one of these high-carb snacks about an hour before a workout to encourage fat burning:

    A handful or two of Cheerios (or a bowl of them with a touch of low fat milk)

    A slice of whole wheat toast or half of a bagel

    A piece of whole fruit

    A few whole wheat crackers

    1/2 cup of pasta with a touch of butter

    1/2 cup of rice with a touch of oil

    1/2 cup of oatmeal with a few raisins

    Things To Eat After A Workout



    Orange Juice





    Whole-Grain Pita and Hummus

    Dried Fruit and Nuts


    Sweet Potatoes



    Hope this helps


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