i know that Rotten Tomatoes staff collects online reviews from certified members of various writing guilds or?

..film critic associations...and based on his review you can know if he generaly likes the movie or hates it......but how do they determine what score out of 10 a critic will give a movie

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  • 7 years ago
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    If a critic uses grades, numbers or stars, they only count that.

    If the reviewer doesn't give grades or stars or numbers, they give it a "fresh" or a "rotten" depending on the tone of the review.

    Sometimes it doesn't always match up. Like, for some critics, a 2.5/4 means "fresh", but just barely, while other critics mean it to be a "rotten" by not by much.

    In his video review of "Homefront", Richard Roeper gives it a C+. If he were on the show with Roger Ebert still, he would've given it a thumbs down. He liked the first half, but thought the bad guys were dumb and that it sank the movie.

    But on RT, a C+ is counted as a "fresh", so it actually looks like he's recommending it, but he's not, really.

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