Is it possible to give strep throat to my newborn?

I was diagnosed with strep today. I have a 2 week old daughter and was wondering if it's possible to pass it to her? The doctor said to try and get people to come help take care of her so that I don't have to be in constant contact with her, but I have no family or friends in close range. I was also reading online that it's very rare to pass strep to a baby because of the antibodies they have.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's possible, but yes, if you're breastfeeding you'll be passing along specific immunities for her. It's unrealistic to expect a mother not to take care of a two week old, particularly if she's breastfeeding.

    You are also correct that while possible, it's very unlikely. Newborns still have immunities from the womb, and they also have very small tonsils, which makes it far less likely that they would acquire strep. Strep is fairly rare in babies, particularly that young (although other throat infections can happen).

    And once you're on antibiotics 24 hours, you're no longer contagious. So personally, I'd continue to care for her while taking antibiotics and nursing, and just keep a close eye out for fever or any other symptoms.

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