Help on choosing a decent laptop?

I am looking into buying a laptop for Christmas, and I need help choosing a decent one for *up to $500*. I have a few picked out, and if you have any good laptops selected please feel free to recommend any. I think the CPU will be more important than the RAM. On my laptop, I will be doing things such as video editing, graphic design, some PC gaming, and Skype. You may also tell me tips on selecting great laptops for these purposes.

My options I have selected:

($330 dual core, 6 gb ram, 500 gb)

($350 dual core, 4gb ram, 750gb)

($450 quad core, 8gb ram, 500gb)

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's obvious which one to choose. The $50 quad core, 8GB ram, 500GB would give you the best performance ( Maybe ) It all accounts to the graphics card it has for games. If you're in a money quench, the $330 dual core, 6GB ram, 500GB would be for that.

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