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Gecko shedding problem?! 10 PTS BEST ANSWER?!?

My 4 year old African Fat-Tailed Gecko has had a shedding problem. Over the past month, she has been shedding once a week. For 2 weeks now, she hasn't been able to get her shed off.

I need help! The shed is over her eyes so it's hard to hunt, and it's also over her tail.

I bought her some reptile bathing liquid that is supposed to get the sheds off. How exactly do you use this, and should I just pull her sheds off?!

Her diet:

Crickets dusted with calcium powder


More about her:

She has not been fattening or growing, she is full grown.




Thanks. I actually mist her cage everyday, so her humidity is just fine. But if I can't get it off- I will take her to a vet.

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    First of all, AFTs need 40-60% humidity, which can be obtained by misting every other day. You should also have a humid hide in the enclosure.

    For now, mist her and with a wet q-tip, gently rub it over the stuck shed. If you can't get it off that way, then I suggest bringing her to a vet. The eyes are delicate, so you shouldn't just "pull it off".

    EDIT: Also, does she ever get multivitamins? A lack of enough vitamin A can also cause shedding issues. She should get calcium with and without vitamin d3 and multivitamins dusted on her food at certain intervals.

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