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What Bath and Body Works fragrances do you recommend?

I like the smell of cotton candy, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla (Basically think of sweet treats/foods). I hate really "tangy" or weird smells, and also I don't like it if the scent is too strong (they give me a headache). I was looking and I thought maybe Twisted Peppermint? If you've tried it, can you describe it? I need an answer and I can't go sniffing at the store right now. What are your favorite fragrances? Also, what about Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, and Sweat Pea? What are your favorite B&BW products?

Thanks! :)

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    Love Love Love was always my favorite, but I'm pretty sure they discontinued it. My mom's favorite is Midnight Pomegranate, which isn't bad. Secret Wonderland is really nice too. As for Vanilla Bean Noel, I don't like it because it smells like Vanilla and I don't like the smell of Vanilla. Winter Candy Apple smells like candy apples that you get from the store. And Sweat Pea smells light and airy kinda. Its like a soft smell and not strong. Another one that I love is Be Enchanted, my sister says that it smells like Enchanted by Taylor Swift but it doesn't (I have both and they smell nothing alike). I have only smelled Twisted Peppermint and I think it smells like a Candy Cane. I put B&BW lotion everyday after I get out of the shower and I love their body sprays.

    Hope this helped :)

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    Twisted Peppermint is one of my all-time favorites. It's a strong peppermint, like a candy cane, with a tiny bit of a white/light musk dry-down. Delicious, and different.

    Winter Candy Apple is okay, but pretty generic, in my opinion. Lots of better apple options out there.

    Vanilla Bean Noel is the best vanilla out there, without question. However, don't even bother with the body spray. Go for the lotion. Don't ask me why they smell so different, but they do! Lotion is Heaven, the spray is weird.

    You might also like their Warm Vanilla Sugar (brown sugar with a musk base and hints of spice).

    They have a new one this year...Merry Marshmallow...that I am DYING to try! Sounds absolutely delicious, and sound like you might like it as well.

    Sweet Pea is a classic, delicious fruity floral (way more fruity than floral). You'll smell like everybody else, but really, this stuff is so good, who cares.

    If you're really into fragrance, I really suggest trying to layer your fragrances to create different scents. You don't have to spend $500 per bottle to create a really unique scent that's yours alone. It's so fun, and you don't have to worry about smelling like everybody else :)

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    Vanilla Noel

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    Vanilla bean Noel and Marshmallow kiss are good ones for the winter time

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    White Diamonds perfume

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    Malibu heat

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