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How to stop shocking horse in winter?

Every time I groom a horse, I'm constantly shocking them!

There's one horse at the barn who I haven't groomed and I've been warned to be very careful and not shock her because she will start going crazy and kick everywhere and anywhere..I'm literally terrified to groom her now...I try to be careful as possible but still manage to shock all the horses

is there anything I can do to stop the shocking?


it's way too cold for cowboy boots, I'm just wearing snowboots for now until I get a chance to get some real work boots. But thanks guys!

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    Try washing your hands. If your hands are wet, than you shouldn't shock the horse

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    I have a bottle of straight vinegar in a spray bottle that has become an extension of my right arm. I spray the brush lightly before brushing and am good for one whole side. Its too cold up here in Canada to get any wetter than that. I also spray the heel bulbs and hooves after picking out. If the weather has been wet recently, I'll spray their backs and drip lines. Vinegar helps with the itchies, goes on acid and cleans, but dries to perfect pH residue. The baddies thrive on a negative pH, so you're providing good preventative maintenance against thrush, rain rot, greasy heel etc. To remove a blanket, I'll undo it, give a little spritz underneath by lifting it, then roll it off, instead of pulling it. If Brushing, you're good unless you touch the horse with the other hand....seems to make it worse. If its outside, I'll just bend down and drag the brush through the snow, give it a couple of taps and that works as well. Hope this helps...

  • Snezzy
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    Get a lightweight metal chain, one that will break apart if you tug on it too hard. It must be metal, and not plastic. It should be really cheaply made, with no attention to quality, each link merely a bent oval loop, not soldered or twisted. Tie the chain to the horse and to your wrist. It will prevent build-up of static electricity.

    Another possibility is to stand the horse on a floor made of stainless-steel mesh or some other conductive material, or simply to water the aisleway floor thoroughly.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Are you wearing actual cowboy boots, or just rubber mud boots? The mud boots cause your hands to shock whatever you touch. And wearing cowboy boot is just plain safer if the horse trys to step on you, the hard leather protects your toes.

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  • 7 years ago

    Get yourself a box of cheap dryer sheets. Rub them into your brushes....and rub with the growth of hair on the horse. repeat every 3/4 days. cheap, effective and wont harm the horse. Static will be gone after the first application. really good for tails too, it will calm them down and make the horse much more comfortable.

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    The best think ive found is to spray them down with this every night or every other night before blanketing them and since ive been doing that it adds enough moisture to their coat (and makes them nice and shiny and smell amazing) that they dont get staticy from the friction of the blanket.

    Also wet your hands before brushing them and if you dont use the spray then wet the brushes a little too, but the spray is honestly the best thing and stops static completely if used often enough.

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    Wet your brushes before you use them! My horse is very shock sensitive also. And for blankets get shock free spray.

  • Driver
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    7 years ago

    Dryer sheets!

  • Sue
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    7 years ago

    skin tight gloves

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