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Why are Mexicans so biased towards their football?

Liga MX isn't one of the best leagues in the world, yet alone in the top 20. The Chilean league or the Colombian league are much better and competitive in international cups. Oribe Peralta sucks, he might be good for Mexico but he is considered to be mediocre for any other national team. The only teams he would attract interest from are a team like Wigan or Rayo Vallecano. Not Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Valencia, like some of the people in the Spanish section of the MFS are saying. Mexico don't even deserve to be in the World Cup, they won't even get out of the group stage if you ask me. Even Ecuador are a better team than Mexico, at least they qualified with good football. And all because of Colombian manager, us Colombians are considered to be a dominant in international football. We have good players, good football, good results, great prospects, MEXICO SUCK.


LOL. Learn more football. Our prospects are James Rodriguez, Juan Fernando Quintero, Eder Alvarez Balanta, Jherson Vergara, Brayan Perea, Luis Muriel, Santiago Arias, Sebastian Perez, Miguel Borja, Duvan Zapata.. idiot. who does Mexico have? Jonathan dos Santos LOL.

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    Yes we do overrate but the Colombian league is wost then then the Mexican team, ill tell you why ....

    If a Colombian player plays in liga MX then they have a chance in NT. Why because its top 20 in the world .... ( if you dong believe me look at FFIFE)

    However, if a Mexican player plays in the colombian league he wont go to NT because its a step down ... The truth hurts

    Now ... With NT, Javier Hernandez has a better match per goal ratio then Falcao

    You guys dont have a goalkeeper in Europe that gets praised by Zlatan, Cavani, Remy, and Sirigu ect...

    You guys say James Rodriguez is good but we have Carlos Vela that plays as a winger... Come back when James scores 4 goals

    And we have young stars like Diego Reyes, Hector Herrera(Porto), Raul jimenez(linked with PSV), Carlos Peña(Italian club interested), Alex Diaz, Gudiño, Ochoa (u-17)

    Plus we've won an Olympic gold, confeds cup, u-17 , U-20

    Oh and does the Colombian league have a nominee for the Puskas?

    Source(s): Aquivaldo Mosquera
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      Oh and back to your first point the Colombian league is no where near in the top 20, the Mex league was rated 6th. The Colombian league is mainly Colombian with no international players, it pretty much 95% Colombian 3% Argentine 2%other. The most diverse team is from what I can see is Uniautónoma FC

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    I stopped reading at "Oribe sucks", didn't have to read the rest. Oribe doesn't suck. Oribe thrived in the last Olympics, giving a better performance than their Brazilian counterparts who was full of "world class stars". If anything that was proven in these last two games vs New Zealand, is that you don't need European players to compete in the international level. I am a firm believer that Mexico would be better of playing with players from home. Back then, Mexico gave other international teams more competition with no need of international players. Not just cause they play in Mexico means they suck. Cuau once said that the difference between Europeans and the Mexicans is that they play there and we play here.

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  • Alan
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    Congrats on ranting Mexico's football, it makes you look so mature. Also, congrats for your national team that made it to the world cup after like maybe 20 years. Mexico's soccer isn't the best nor an elite soccer league, but I'm damn sure it's better than every league in americas besides Brazil's and Argentina's. Your pathetic for writing this post as I'm pathetic also for responding, but I couldn't help it.

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    Is that why nobody gives a fvck about the boring quality, poor quality transmitted colombian and chilean leagues? I mean think about it, the premier league, bundesliga, la liga, serie A, and argentine league all have good quality transmitting and offer good football with specific coverage and marketing....what league has all that too? Oh yea its called liga MX

    Obviously you have good players because they play in a national team but good prospects??? Sit down boy the only one is jhon vergara or whatever the fvck his name is and juan cuadrado or whatever the fvck his name is

    Ok but get this straight pendejo perea, verga-ra, and muriel and quintero yes they are prospects but james rodriguez is not a prospect anymore, he has established himself in the national team.....and ok using your logic on prospects we have jorge espiricueta, raul jimenez, carlos pena, miguel angel ponce, marco fabian, martin zuniga, gabriel piccolo who plays in scotland, Antonio briseno, gio and jona dos santos, alan pulido, and alan avila from espanyol, alex diaz, carlos fierro, and raul gudino

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  • calm down.

    Your team sucks..

    your country has not won anything big in soccer. At least we can win in youth tourments and u-23.

    Ur team cant even qualify.

    Hush child, Mexico > Ur country

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  • 7 years ago

    Doesn't colombia have liga mx players . Go ride your Colombian donkey.

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  • 7 years ago

    Who cares about Colombia

    Mexico won more than Colombia

    Colombia can make richer coffee but mexico has richer history

    Source(s): Some Colombian players like Luis perea are in liga mx
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  • 7 years ago

    Name the 20 leagues that are better than the liga mx, I'll wait.

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  • A U.S. Fanboy trying to be English. MLS sucks get over it.

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  • 7 years ago

    I just came here for my points (:

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