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Daughters Christmas present?

She's a very, very hard girl to understand. She is 15 years old, here are some things she likes. Reading/writing, music, clothing, photography. Here is what is on her wishlist so far. Clothes, converse, beanies, jewelry, vans, combat boots, a longboard (what even is that?) , an acoustic guitar, makeup, hair product, perfume and lotion, sweaters, a Polaroid camera, a canon camera, a drugrug ?????¿?¿¿? An Apple Mac, a rubix cube, a dreamcatcher, a lava lamp, waterfall speackers, wreck this journal, star light lamp, (cute) pillows, and books? I don't even know what books to get? Based on what I've told you about her? This is a mothers desperate cry for help! I never get it right with her. I want to impress her this year (:

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    That's a pretty extensive list with things for about every price range. It sounds like she's very creative, and I usually like to focus on gifts that help people do things they love. For that I'd focus on things like the cameras, guitar and journal, depending on the budget.

    I've never heard of a Wreck This Journal before, but it sounds pretty cool: . I'd definitely go with that and possibly add a more traditional blank journal, like a Moleskine (there are several sizes, ruled and blank, but here's one: . I'd get the soft cover).

    Going up in price, there are the cameras. I'm surprised teens still like Polaroids and even more surprised at some of the prices ($80-270). Then there's the Canon. Do you know if she wants a compact or a full SLR? (If that's unclear, compacts are usually the all in one pocketable cameras while SLRs are large and take different lenses. Prices here are around $200 to a couple thousand. The Canon Rebels, which are their "entry level" digital SLRs are around $500-$800 depending on the lens option. Does she currently have a camera and/or has done photography much? I think if you're going to go this route you should talk with her to get a better idea of what she wants. If possible, take her to a good camera store to look at some of the options so she can examine them and see and better explain what she likes, that's especially true if she wants an SLR or other fairly expensive camera.

    Okay, guitars. The good news is that there are a lot available at all price ranges, the bad news is it can be confusing. It's also a good idea to consider her size when shopping. For instance, most people equate an acoustic with a "dreadnought" body style, which is fairly large and has the "boom chuck" sound often used in country music. However, smaller, more figure 8 guitars like the 000/00/Folk sizes tend to be easier to hold, especially when sitting and have a more balanced sound. If you're considering this I suggest also deciding on a budget and going from there. also, if you have a good guitar shop in your area, preferably one that focuses on acoustics and offers private lessons, then it's a good idea to take her there and have her hold are get a feel for different guitars. She may even be able to have the salesperson or maybe a friend play some for her. For what to look for, it depends on the range, but one that's always impressed me is the Seagull, like this: .

    One caveat about music stores. You may want to do some research and/or ask around for recommendations. My concern is that some shops are fantastic and run by great, helpful people who want to help you chose the best for the budget, while others are miserable places run by people who will price gouge parents. So if you can do a little reseach and know some prices beforehand. Or maybe be ready to doublecheck things at places like Elderly (the link above) and (both of those are excellent, independent stores which also sell on the Internet. If you happen to live near one they'd be great places to go).

    Okay, so I know taking her to a camera or music store might take the gleam off the Christmas morning surprise, but for things that expensive and personal (they are essentially creative tools) it's best to have her help decide what she wants.

    Finally, as for books there are e-readers like the Amazon Kindle and/or e-reader apps for computers and tablets, if she'd be interested in that. The upside is that there are many classics in the public domain that are available for free at sites like

    Anyway, I've written quite a bit, but I hope something in there is helpful. But remember being very, very hard to understand is generally normal for a 15 year old.

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    Honestly I'm just like her. A Long Board is a type of skate board by the way, Honestly get her at least some of the things on her list because I'm 15 and if I got another thing from everything else my Christmas is a bit down the hill now. Anyway, look for those thing, and try your best, If she doesn't see your effort She doesn't deserve the present, but If you're trying to impress her get her The Dreamcatcher, Long Board, Polaroid Camera, Apple PC, those are probably the most popular things that girls have right now? Honestly getting her some that she seemed she mainly wanted should impress her. If not, then that's not your fault Christmas is not to impress but to show your kid you love her enough to get her something she likes without question (: For The other stuff just look it up (:

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    For the reading you could buy her a gift card to a book store.She would probably like the lotion from Bath and Body Works. Mac make up is really nice they will match her skin tone if you take in a picture of her to Macy's.Maybe Hello Kitty pillows,sheets and comforter. You could take her to some of her favorite clothing stores to shop for what she wants.I think she would love the Polaroid camera to take pictures with her friends and nature. Also an Apple Mac would really make her happy.As long as you get some of what she likes she will be excited. Remember you can always give her some money to spends how she likes. :)

  • I think the gift that you should get her would be the polaroid camera if she is into photography! Also, if this list is kinda difficult, you can always give her a prepaid credit card /gift card for her to buy her presents. Try taking her to the mall and see what she points out to you

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    Since she gave you a large list, I don't think it should be this hard to find something, but I would get her one main item, and a few smaller things. Give the list to other family members so they can get some stuff too.

    A longboard is a skate board, and a drugrug is a type of sweater.

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    That's a fairly comprehensive list that varies in size and cost of the items. I'm going to guess that she really wants either the guitar or the computer, then like a few books to go with it.

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    gift card




    that alkot of expensicve gifts there

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