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Tmobil help! Got a new phone but...?

So I have the regular text and call plan but my phone broke and I got the prism 2... I talked I the customer service man and he told me to just put in my SIM card from my old phone to the new one and my plan will stay the same so I did... However now my plan is changed but idk how it has changed or if I'm being charged more... I don't use the web and I turned the wifi off... I can't get a hold of anyone at tmobil who knows anything so maybe someone here does. Will I have I pay more for this phone even if I don't use the web? It said there was no annual contract but I'm using my old SIM card... Help

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  • 6 years ago
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    Your plan shouldn't have changed. The good thing about T-Mobile phones is that you can switch your old SIM card from one phone to the next without having to call customer service to activate the device. If you are not using the web, you will not get charged for it. However, T-Mobile offers web for $1.99 per megabyte. This is for ALL customers that don't have a web plan. This means that you can still use the web whenever you need to, and just pay your usage rather than paying a monthly fee. I would recommend either calling again and asking what your plan is, or logging on to to view your current plan. Ask to block this feature ($1.99/mb) if you don't plan to use it, or to avoid accidentally clicking the "web" icon.

    Hope this helped

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