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should i feel like this?

well when I was younger my parents divorced, and with all that it sort of forced me to grow up faster cause they weren't around too much. When I was in high school I guess I skipped the " party" stage and never went and got drunk like everyone else did in high school. now im 20 and I feel as if I skipped that stage and I don't know if I should regret it or not. everyone always says how fun it was and I just feel like a loser that I skipped that stage and as if I matured to fast. any advice would be great :/

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    At least your a lot heaither than them, drinking isn't a big dig waste of money and always feel crap the day after. Don't brull on your past go out now with your friends and have a drink and go clubbing, I am the exact same just go and have fun now :).

  • 7 years ago

    no you did not, you did the right thing.. you probably would be dead off drugs or something. :)

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