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People are having trouble trying to view my YouTube video?

So i had made a picture video with lyrics to a song with the audio and i finally had up loaded today. I asked my friend if she can view and she said that it isn't letting her see it. She kept trying, then i asked her why isn't it letter her. She said " Idk, but this keeps coming 'This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. Tap to retry. Can someone please tell me what this means?

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  • Vodkie
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    6 years ago
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    You used a copyrighted song owned by a record label. Copyright is literally the right to copy and that is always the record label's right, not ours

    Uploading the song to youTube is copying. Copying it onto youTube and that violates the song's copyrights

    Sony Music Entertainment (SME) owns the song you used and since you copied it onto youTube without Sony's permission, it was blocked

    If you saw a video also containing the same song and assumed you could too - At times a video only gets blocked in some countries and if you can see it, that means your country is one it's not blocked in. That doesn't make the uploader off the hook. Their video can become fully blocked at anytime.

    Uploading music to youTube is no different than making a burned bootleg cd for a friend - it's unauthorized copying and distribution

    If you paid for the song, Paying for music, it gives us a copy to listen to, not the copyrights

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