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Fantasy Football Starting roster help?

I have 2 teams going this week. I need wins in both leagues to make it into the playoffs, Below is my roster. Would you change anything? Thanks for your help, good luck to all.

Team 1

Starting -

QB - Andrew Luck vs TEN

WR - Josh Gordon vs JAX

WR - Alshon Jeffery vs MIN

WR - Percy Harvin vs NO

RB - Marshawn Lynch vs NO

RB - Zac Stacy vs SF

TE - Jordan Cameron vs JAX

K - Justin Tucker vs PIT

D - Cleveland vs JAX

Bench -

Carson Palmer vs PHI

Andre Johnson vs NE

Donald Brown vs TEN

Torrey Smith vs PT

Dennis Johnson vs NE

Seattle D vs NO

if Stacy can't go, I'm thinking of starting Brown vs TEN. My thinking of benching AJ is because the QB situation in Houston is in shambles. what do you think?

Team 2

Starting -

QB - Nick Foles vs ARI

WR - AJ Green vs SD

WR - James Jones vs DET

RB - Marshawn Lynch vs NO

RB - DeMarco Murray vs OAK

TE - Coby Fleener vs TEN

FLEX - Kendall Wright vs IND


D - CIN D vs SD

Bench -

Collin Kaepernick vs STL

LeVeon Bell vs BAL

Riley Cooper vs ARI

Andre Ellington vs PHI

Vincent Jackson vs CAR

Andre Dobson vs HOU

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    Team 1: I think I'd put Andre Johnson in ahead of Percy Harvin. I would like to see Harvin get more than 1 catch in a game before I rely on him, and it doesn't matter who the QB for Houston is, Andre Johnson is still the #1 option.

    I'd suggest picking up Benny Cunningham so you can make a game time decision if Zac Stacy can't start. I guess if Brown is your only option you'll have to make that call first since his game is before the Rams play.

    I really don't like Luck from here on. I already dropped him in favor of Fitzpatrick. He's got talent, but is being forced to hand the ball off to a crappy running back over and over, and TY Hilton hasn't been cutting it as a #1 WR for the colts.

    Team 2: I think you have to start VJax over James Jones. I know that Jones has a good matchup, but Vincent Jackson has been too good lately to sit imo.

    They're your teams, follow your gut. I hope my opinion at least gives you another angle to look at things from so you can make the best choice.

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    I'd start Torrey over Harvin, the Saints pass D is very solid this year and Ike Taylor is really starting to decline so I think Torrey will have a 100 yard game. And for game 2 Id go with Kaep over Foles, the Cardinals D is no joke and are top 5 while the Rams aren't horrible aren't on the same level.

  • 7 years ago

    team 1 johnson over harvin team 2 jackson over wright

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