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How will I get my driver's license in this situation?

I'm 16 and have Epilepsy; for years my seizures were fine, but the meds caused bad reactions. I live in Arkansas and was looking forward to getting my driver's license when I had another seizure.

My neurologist determined that it was actually caused by the new med I was taking, and took me off the med, prescribing a new one. That was several months ago, and the new med is working wonderfully, with the neurologist saying he will sign whatever paperwork is needed to ensure that I can drive.

However -- the laws here in Arkansas are clear: whatever the reason, a person who has a seizure must wait a year without seizures before getting their driver's license. So that doesn't matter. Right now I have a state ID card for Arkansas.

This is where it gets really complicated; my mom is moving to Texas to finish med school. The law in Texas for Epileptic Driving is - 6 months seizure free, with a doctor's note. It has been nearly 6 months and I can get the note from my neurologist but I'm confused:

- Do I have to be a resident of Texas in order to get a driver's license of Texas issued? I would think most people would just wait until they were a resident of their new state and use their old driver's license from the previous state - but as I've said, I don't have that luxury - I have a state id from Arkansas and Arkansas will not issue me a driver's license for another 6 months, vs Texas's 6 month after seizure law. In Texas now, could I just get the license or do I have to be considered a resident first...?

- I don't really know if this is relevant - but I will still be staying in Arkansas a lot of the time (about half the time) with my grandmother However there is nothing legal about this arrangement. Supposing I did get the Texas license, would that be sufficient to drive with in Arkansas?

- The neurologist who would write my note to the Texas DMV about my being fit to drive is Arkansas-based, would this cause problems?

- If all else failed - my father has joint legal custody of me. He lives in MN - I believe their policy is three months. Would I be able to obtain a license there or...?

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    You can only be licensed in the state you live in, period. If you are living in AR then that is where you get a license. It does not matter where your parents live if they do not live with you.

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