what cause corruption ?

how and what can corruption create development problems?

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    Power, opportunity, and being a human being.

    We, as a species, are lazy - we LIKE to cut corners and do things the "easy" way. If I can get money for just signing a contract for a friend, I might do it... if my moral code isn't strong enough.

    If a person has authority or POWER, there is a possibility of becoming corrupt - all they need is the opportunity or the APPEARANCE of an opportunity that they might get away with it. From there, it's all based on personal morality and fear of public sanctions that might prevent me from doing it. I might be TEMPTED to do it, but if I risk prison for the rest of my life, then that might deter me from trying it.

    Lots of corruption deals with people hanging on to power - I was elected to this position, so I will use my power to ensure I get elected again. Much of the rest of corruption is based on padding bank accounts for when they no longer have the power.

    Brian Raini

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    how does corruption create development problems?

    corruption is usually the result of greed.

    be it personal, social or political, greed usually hurts the 'little people', many times not getting their basic of needs met.

    when these people are not getting what they need because of the greed of others, their ability to progress suffers.


    The Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) have strongly reduced child labor, children who are, for the most part, HIV/AIDS positive, and orphans. One example to help with this reduction is implementing the drive for universal primary education, for both boys and girls. A good education would ensure better paying jobs once these children are adults, and in the future that would mean fewer children would find it necessary to work in order to help support the family. Also, educated parents are more likely to want the same for their children, repeating the cycle.

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    Corruption occurs in organizations or political systems that do not have effective deterrents, that is, poor detection and weak punishment of bad behavior.

    People are not angels, and are always seeking to benefit themselves in their actions with other people. When you go shopping, you look for a good price for what you want to buy. This is your effort to benefit yourself when you buy something. In addition, you might look for sales or use a coupon. This is only natural. If you use a stolen credit card or if you shoplift, that is wrong. So you can see that trying to benefit yourself is not a bad thing unless others are betrayed, defrauded, or robbed, for example.

    Corrupt organizations or corrupt people have found that certain functions do not work properly. They take advantage of loopholes in laws, of inadequate supervision, of the power of their positions, or other ineffective controls to take from others. This is corruption.

    In parts of the world that are less developed--that have fewer laws, no history of ethical conduct, a court system with little integrity, and many people with little wealth--there are few deterrents to corrupt conduct. This permits widespread theft and fraud. It also reduces the trust others have in the countries that have a lot of corruption. Other nations and their businesses do not want to work with countries that are corrupt because of that.

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    The underlying cause of corruption is human greed.

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  • 7 years ago

    Greed and legal bribes are the mane source of corruption.

  • 7 years ago

    Greed, and hubris.

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