KD and Ryan Anderson for Cousins, Rondo and Kevin Martin?

I was offered a trade of KD and Anderson for Cousins, Rondo and Martin and am unsure whether or not to accept. While acquiring Durant is a no brainer, especially with already having LBJ, I feel like I may be giving up to much as I feel my team is already lacking in rebounds and assists. Its a head to head 10 team league. My team is as follows- G-Conley, Martin, Thompson, Blake, E. Gordon, W. Chandler, Rondo, Henderson

F- LBJ, P. Gasol

C- Howard, Cousins, Hawes

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yea id do it. that way you have 2 of the best players in kd and lbj. plus you have depth at guard so you dont really need rondo. if you can counter trade try to get kd for rondo and martin and keep cousins and let him keep anderson. or offer him chandler, rondo, and martin for kd

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