What are the best things to learn first in programming or in IT industry?

I know there are a lot of choice in the industry of IT, but I don't know that to choose. I like some of web designing and a little bit of programming and fixing computers..

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  • 6 years ago
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    I highly recommend Python as a first. Many resources exist on the internet and I say python because the way it's structured is highly built around beginners, yet still has the power professionals crave so deeply. It teaches you things such as good indention, syntax and for the time being you don't have to worry about simple things like forgetting a semicolon or forgetting to close a method with a bracket messing up your code. Once you get good at that start to mess with libraries and make more useful applications, to get even better such as XML parsing, Skype4Py etc. , You say you like web development right? So once you do that learn HTML [Root of Web Dev] , Javascript [Client-Sided functionality] and PHP along with SQL and If you decide to get really deep into websites, you may go as far as to dig deeper into databases and get into web security. Again many resources exist on the internet to help.

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