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R asked in TravelAsia PacificThailand · 7 years ago

Why Croatia is cheaper for alternative destinations?

Can someone tell me why Croatia is cheaper alternative to Eurozone detinations?


Thanks :-))

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    7 years ago
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    Croatia has high unemployment, low wages, stagnant economy. Economic slump, suffering from recession, tourism only makes up 20% of the Croatian economy. Croatia is emerging from its communist past and the break up of Yugoslavia, It needs to attract inwards investments, build up its infrastructure, & economy. The other older EU countries have higher living costs, are immensely popular, so don't need to compete as cheaply as Croatia. EXTRACTS FROM RESEARCH. ''EU entry will be valuable across all industries, and property prices will rise once the crisis is over.'' Croatia ''be in the EU and concerns about the country’s violent past and sometimes slow trek to a free market will have eased even more''.''WHY CROATIA? IT'S MUCH CHEAPER THAN ITALY OR SPAIN, it is still unspoiled, and you can reach it by car from Austria, Italy and southern Germany.” 'A RECOVERY IN THE PROPERTY MARKET WILL BRING IN MORE FOREIGN CAPITAL & HELP REVIVE CONSTRUCTION, TRANSPORTATION & SERVICE INDUSTRIES, among those hurt most by the weakness of Croatia’s economy. Foreign direct investment in 2012 plummeted to almost a fifth of the $4.2 billion in 2008, according to the central bank.'' 'EU'S DEBT CRISIS HAS PREVENTED CROATIA'S ECONOMY FROM GROWING SINCE 2008. That contributed to a plunge in the total value of home sales to about 7.5 billion kuna ($1.4 billion) in 2012 from 25 billion kuna in 2008, central bank Vice Governor'. 2013 July - Croatia takes its place as the 28th member of the EU. 7/1/2013 The European Union gained its 28th member on Monday -- Croatia. It's a major milestone for the former Yugoslav country, which was ravaged by war only two decades ago. BUT TO PULL OUT OF ITS CURRENT ECONOMIC SLUMP, it still has a lot of work to do,.. following a decade of overhaul aimed at casting off the remnants of war & Communist rule. Croatia pledged.. to help foster relationships between the bloc and other Balkan countries and to try to bring more stability to the region, which only two decades ago was still consumed by ethnic and national conflict...only the second of seven countries carved out of Yugoslavia to join the EU, following Slovenia in 2004....EU membership.. a milestone for the country, which suffered four years of war after declaring its independence in 1991 during the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia... still faces huge economic hurdles as it hunkers through its fifth year of recession...German Chancellor Angela Merkel still sees much need for reform. "steps must be taken, in the area of legal security and the fight against corruption," .. Croatia is a great place for investment."Croatia expects moderate economic growth in 2014 and potentially strong growth the following year..EU membership creates opportunities for Croatia, the country will still have to confront serious problems such as high unemployment and low wages. Catholic country of 4.4 million people..To join, Croatia has gone through seven years of tortuous and often unpopular EU-guided reform.It has extradited more than a dozen Croatian and Bosnian Croat military and political leaders charged with war crimes, sold shipyards steeped in tradition but deep in debt, and launched a fight against graft that saw former prime minister Ivo Sanader jailed. Country's Adriatic coastline, from the hills of Istria in the north to the medieval city of Dubrovnik in the south, HAS BECOME A MAGNET FOR SOME 10 MILLION TOURISTS EVERY YEAR. BUT A BITING RECESSION HAS LEFT ONE IN 5 CROATIAN WORKERS JOBLESS and taken much of the shine off the country's EU accession. .“For many investors, Croatia used to be a beautiful place but not a market for investment because they worried about the security of ownership or legal problems,” “That will now change.”Croatia, whose BEACHES, VINEYARDS & NATIONAL PARKS MADE SUMMER TOURISM A 6.8 BILLION -euro ($9.1 billion) business, is counting on EU entry to lure visitors to come for more than a week a year and spend their money there. Property sales could give a boost to the economy after total lending fell 2.7 percent last year. BY LINKING WITH OTHER EUROPEEAN ECONOMIES, THE GOVERNMENT HOPES TO END FOUR YEARS OF RECESSION OR ECONOMIC STAGNATION TWO DECADES AFTER THE BALKAN CIVIL WARS DESTROYED YUGOSLAVIA.Istria, Dubrovnik. Residential-property sales in tourist regions like Istria and Dubrovnik along the Adriatic coast rose by an average of 10.8 percent last year even as the sluggish economy caused overall home sales to plunge 20 percent...Following Yugoslavia’s bloody breakup in the 1990s, Croatia began marketing its 5,800

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    Why is Hungry,Romania , Bulgaria cheaper than Croatia because of Economics - enough said.

    I presume you wish to visit there - i have only been to Dubrovnik and surrounding area - nice tourist area, nice beach but no way has this place the magic or beauty of Thailand

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Different economies, differing costs of living - that is why some places are cheaper than others, even within the same country - Bkk is more expensive than Buriram.

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    7 years ago

    I don't know, but thanks for asking.

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