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Can I get an okay from Peter Weir?

I've made a fan-produced edition of Dead Poets Society that has deleted scenes I trasferred from a rare laserdisc (not dvd), plus raw footage I've inserted from the "bonus featues" section on he Special edition DVD, all into one movie. So far I've only made one copy for personal use.If I got written permission from Peter Weir, could I post it to youtube? I guess I might have to make it pay-per-view so that Weir and the other production staff receive their entitlement (I really don't know how that works).

Any suggestions?

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    7 years ago
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    Peter Weir is the director but he doesn't own the rights to the movie. You'd need permission from Touchstone Pictures, which is owned by Disney.

    You could always post the video to youtube and then just wait and see if they get deleted. If you do that I would suggest making a new youtube account to do it. Because if you post illegal content they ban your account and delete ALL your videos, including all your perfectly legal videos.

    If you don't post videos to youtube already then there is no apparent penalty. They won't sue you or anything. They'll just delete the video.

  • Anonymous
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    if you are not profiting from it then it doesn't matter. the worst thing they can do is send you the "remove the video" notice or flag your channel.

  • 7 years ago

    Expect a big fat NO from any production movie house about anything.

    It doesn't even matter if it's a great idea.

    Just go into everything expecting the answer to be, "no".

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