churches that reject Calvinism?

Are there any churches in America that reject Calvinism or Reformed theology? I was just wondering.


Irwin, I asked the question because yes, calvinism is heresy.

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    The Assembly of God (Pentecostal) Churches reject Calvinism as I do,

    The AG Position on this is here

    Due to the fact that the classic 5 point Calvinist position leads to the conclusion that God purposely creates people knowing they will have no choice in avoiding hell (only give/direct His ‘irresistible grace’ to very few), I reject this position since the teachings in the scripture regarding His mercy would contradict this conclusion (Deut. 4:31; Jer. 3:12). It is true that all who pass the age of accountability deserve to go to hell, for all are born in sin and all freely choose to sin and thereby ratify their position as Adam's rebellious descendants. However, if those who pass the age of accountability are not given the ability to respond to God's mercy in order to be saved, then the unavoidable conclusion is that God continues to create the vast majority of people knowing they will have no choice but to be condemned to hell, since He will not direct His "irresistible grace" on them (a concept not taught in scripture). This conclusion leads to impugning the three most important characteristics (from man's perspective at least) of God's character - His love, mercy and forgiveness. In addition, scripture contradicts this position (2 Pet. 3:9; 1 Tim. 2:3-4). The Calvinistic notion that Adam's sin is to blame for our inability to be able to respond to God's mercy is inconsistent with scripture (Ezekiel 18 et al). Adam’s sin affects all who are born after him and gives them a predisposition of pride and unbelief which deserves God’s just condemnation, but God’s abundant compassion makes a Way for all who will choose to respond to it.

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    • ccrider
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      Oh, these cherry-pickers. Deut. 4:31 and Jer. 3:12 attest to God's sovereignty. WHO is faithful? WHO has the right to be angry? And what is this age of accountability, strange that no scriptural evidence is given for that assertion.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Calvinism is heresy

    And yes there are many churches that reject Calvinism. Mine is divided on the doctrine. Some Baptist are Calvinist while others are not.

    I believe the same could be said for Wesleyan Methodist reject tulip

  • 6 years ago

    Almost every Christian church maintains pieces of it in varying degrees. This is why as a Calvinist I will look for the accidental confessions by the free-will crowd and chuckle a little.

  • 6 years ago

    Calvinism I dont agree with everything he preaches, but it still has the foundation of justified by faith in Christ alone. and by grace we are saved it is the gift of God. which is biblical.

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  • Rick
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    6 years ago

    Almost all of them. Most churches I'm aware of stick firmly to the free-will defense against the Argument from Evil. Calvinism is too deterministic for most folk.

    The possible exception that I can think of is the church in San Diego where Harold Camping made those claims that the world was going to end sometime recently. I've heard him say on radio that there is really nothing one can do to achieve salvation, that all the work and choice comes from the divine side of the fence. For instance he says you are not justified by faith, because faith when examined is merely another "work".

    Ahh, what do I know. There are some 30,000 different denominations out there, and I haven't been exposed to the merest fraction of them.

    I get two points though.

  • 6 years ago



    Church of Christ



    Roman Catholic


    Christian and Missionary Alliance

    Salvation Army

    Four Square



    Calvary Chapel

    Free-Will Baptist

    United Church


    Holiness Churches

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