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I got a 26 on my asvab?

I saw a job ad for a "linguist" on monster.com and it was for the U.S military. I'm an interpreter already and always looking for new work. I signed up and got an interview. I had NO IDEA, what to expect. I was just looking for more work. I got there, and was blown away. First off, they had me take the ASVAB which I was NOT prepared for. I didn't think I would ACTUALLY be joining the military if I was gonna work as an interpreter for them. So I took the test, I had no idea what to expect, I thought it was gonna be really easy. I didn't think I had an issue on the language portion (English and Reading Comprehension) but I hadn't taken a math class for four years and it's always been my toughest subject, and I am AWFUL at problem solving, I was never good at it, so I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with my low score. Does a 26 practically mean I could be mildly retarded?

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    Unfortunately a 26 on your ASVAB means that 76% of the people that take the ASVAB did better on it than you did since that score is actually a percentile.

    You probably just had to take the test as part of the job interview process. Unless the job stipulated that you had to be in the military, I do not think you actually have to join. But you might want to ask your interviewer.

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    if you are joining the military read on

    That is AFQT ( Armed Forces Qualification Test ) ( 4 subjects, teh once you mentioned) you didn't take the ASVAB test yet. AFQT is a test you take for recruiters to know where you stand. It gives you a chance to get a glimpse of what an ASVAB test would be like. ASVAB test is broken down into 10 subjects and the accumulative score could be up to 99%. And certain jobs require you certain subjects, so, average total of those required subjects for the job is called a line score. They look at your line score not the total average score. But to qualify for Armed Forces you gotta get 31 try to aim higher for you to get jobs,study hard and score upto 50. You'd be fine.

    Anything lower than 31 is not qualified and above 50 is average and anywhere between 65 to 99 is good and could get you several jobs.

    FYI, recently I heard they looking to recruit a lot of people for CTI, sort of in a high demand as of now. Especially if you speak critical languages. And, if anything they teach you everything. You go in as a freshman and come out and expert. Sort of. IF you put in your all.

    So, for a Translator, Navy Rate ( rate - job ) :

    CTI Cryptologic Technician - Interperative VE+MK+GS=150

    ( VE is English and Reading Comprehension, MK- Mathematical Knowledge, GS - General Science ) and I believe you would get a separate test for the language you're adept at. That part comes in later or may be right after you take ASVAB regardless you have to be qualified for the job and meet ALL requirements, specific ones you could get a waiver for.

    You could always google stuff and get unlimited knowledge.

    Do your research and READ carefully into fine lines. ASK questions.

    Hope I could help.

    P.S. You're not dumb and don't let anyone put you down. Its a learning process. Go to the library pick up a few books and study. You get 3 chances to give ASVAB each a month apart after 1st and 2nd attempt if you fail or score less than the job qualifications and 3rd time you gotta wait 6 months. And, the highest score is recorded.



    ASVAB for dummies


    Retake your AFQT at the recruiting station. And, they will guide you from there.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): Navy DEPer, AECF. Shipping in 2 months. :)
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    7 years ago

    the test is written on a tenth grade level. you need to score like a 75 or better to even be eligible to take the DLAB which is mandatory for Linguist. your knowing any other language besides American Standard English means less than nothing.

    there is an MOS called O9L.. but that is for NATIVE speakers of a (very limited number of) language like Farsi, Mandarin and Urdu.

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    Well a 26 isnt good. I know people who have scored an 8 so hey look on the bright side, you're not the worst! But seriously it's just all in what you know and how much you've retained since Kindergarten.

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  • It means you only scored better than 26% of the original base population test back in '92...26 is really low. You really need to have gotten good grades in Alg. II or higher to score really well, but at least be competent at Alg I level of math to even get a decent score.

    Source(s): a former U.S. Marine who scored a 98 on my asvab. FYI, I too AP Calculus w/analytic geometry I, AP Physics with calculus and AP Chem in H.S. I am now a degreed engineer working for America's largest defense contractor.
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    Mildly? No, it pretty well means your ARE retarded. Yet you managed to do what so few can. You can still for a proper sentence. What did you fall asleep?

    Its a percentile score. You outscored 26% of applicants. Ouch! Redo!

  • Susan
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    5 years ago

    u should do higher on the real test bcuz it would be more questions then the practice test u take with the recruiter so u could probably score 10 or 15 points higher then that 26

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Pretty much..yeah

    It is based on 10th grade education levels

    At least you have a back up plan...unlike most of the brainiacs that take and fail it

  • 7 years ago

    Joe, 26 + 76 = 102.

    Source(s): 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran - Navy Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
  • Sas
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    7 years ago

    your going to need to retake the ASVAB, try some study guides first, eventhough its not exact test it will give you an idea.

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