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What tablet to buy? HELP!?

In the market for a tablet in like the next 3 days.

-Need to be able to run Word for college (MOST important)

-Watch TV/Movies/Videos on various websites (SECOND important)

-Browsing Web (THIRD important)

-Keyboard capability would be nice.

-Nice Speed

-Should have good storage

-I have an Iphone and an ASUS laptop.

-I don't see myself taking pictures with my tablet (it would be nice but its not mandatory)-that's what a phone is for.

-Adequate Video Chatting is a must

I'm throwing around Ipad Air, Samsung 2014 10.1, and the Surface Pro, 2 or whichever is fitting.

I'm technologically challenged in terms of processor and features and blah blah. So some insight with reasoning would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


They say the stylus is the biggest thing about the Galaxy Note and I'm not sure I'm too much into that. And the Ipad Air is very thin and I'm not sure if it can be propped up or not like the others so if you all know these details, that would be great.

Update 2:

Would like the tablet to work with videobull shows.

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    i would recommend the sony expeia z tablet as well a really good proccesor it is water proof and has tough glass and it isnt to big or too heavy

    Source(s): me owning one
  • 7 years ago

    Buy Android Tablet.

  • 7 years ago

    iPad is good.

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