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Can someone tell me about the connection between Native American genocide & Thanksgiving?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There really isn't a connection, except that the story of the Natives & the Pilgrims coming together for a meal got latched onto and romanticized.

    Feasts of Thanks-giving came over from Europe. The Pilgrims didn't have the first.

    It wasn't even the first on this continent-- there had already been Thanksgiving feasts in what is now Canada and what is now Florida before the Pilgrims came.

    The Pilgrims didn't even have another feast for over 100 years. And it didn't become a holiday for over 200 years later, at the urging of a news editor who thought we needed a holiday focused on hearth & home because she thought the industrial revolution was eroding family values (look up Sarah Hale).

    The decimation of the Natives was tragic but had nothing to do with that single harvest dinner, or any dinners that came afterword.

    Not to mention, the Pilgrims didn't just fight against Natives, they also fought along-side them (look up the Peqot Wars-- before someone posts that biased silly piece from the Huffington Posts that talks about the Pilgrims slaughtering the 'helpless Peqots' but neglects to mention it was because the Peqots were agressively trying to expand their territories and the Pilgrims were recruited by two neighboring Native tribes).

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    8 years ago

    There is no connection.

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