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I cant think of what to get my boyfriend for christmas!?

I cant think of what to get my boyfriend for christmas and its getting me mad.

i've gotten him a lot of things throughout the year (3 years) and im out of ideas... ive gotten him clothes, work out clothes, ive made him pictures, dvds, books, i just got him a pair of the bel air jordan 5's that just came out and cusa tickets... idk what else i can think of. i want a material gift. something i can get him...

heres about him...

he is mexican (just describing him)

he wears like hollister and american eagle and buckle and express

he used to live in texas

he loves country music

he works out 5 days a week

he doesn't have a car

hes 20 in 5 months

he loves snickers but tries not to eat them because he breaks out

idk what else to say if there is more ill edit it and say that

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    Maybe a guitar? If he doesn't know how to play maybe he can learn. If he likes video games, you could buy him those. You can buy his favorite football teams items like clothes, hats, etc. You could eve surprise him with a dirt bike or four wheeler. You can buy him a weight set since you said he works out a lot.

    Hope these ideas helped, good luck!

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    A guitar

    a car

    more clothes

    ... You still got a LOT of time left for Christmas, just try and find out more about him to help with your search, good luck!

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