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El asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 7 years ago

Powerlifting advice; Should I learn to pull Sumo as well as conventional?

Hey guys,

I've been serious about powerlifting for about 8 months now and I Deadlift about 320 with pretty darn good form. I want to go ahead and learn [and practice] Sumo deadlifts as well, but I'm a bit scared it might mess up my conventional deadlift technique.

Any advice on how to approach this?

Also if i am to learn both, how often should I alternate between the two?


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    7 years ago
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    If anything pulling sumo should improve your squat and conventional deadlift. The sumo dead does wonders for the hips, which has immediate carry over to your squat and deads.

    Also, sooner or later in this game you are going to f*ck your back up. Its not an IF its a WHEN. Knowing how to pull sumo when that inevitably happens will allow you to continue training your deadlift.

    What I like doing is pulling my lighter sets and warmups sumo and switching to conventional for the last couple of work sets. Another method I have played with is splitting my sets up between conventional and sumo. So on a set of 5, I pull 2 sumo and 3 conventional. There isn't any science or guru approved methodology to those techniques, just something I have been playing with lately.

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