Do usernames/characters save on completely different sites?

My story:

Not sure if the google search bar suggests websites for people, but the site came up in my boyfriends address bar. Not sure if he was really visiting or not. I know it sometimes suggests things for you. I went to it and tried to login. I don't know what his username would be, so I double clicked on the space where you'd type it. A serious of numbers (no letters) came up.

My question is, could this series of numbers be from something else? And just save somehow so whenever you double click in a space they'll show up? Or does it indeed mean they logged in on THAT website specifically with that username/numbers?


Thank you, Jeremy. All I did was type "p" into the address bar, so that's it. I figured it wAs just and Searches like that that suggested thing, but I guess the actual address bar suggests things now too!

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    7 years ago
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    I've seen something like this happen before, where I logged into my Gmail account, and then later logged into my Yahoo answers account. I clicked the login box for Yahoo answers and it suggested my gmail address, even though I never typed it into Yahoo answers.

    So yeah, it could be from something else.

    If was suggested as soon as you clicked on the search bar, chances are he visited the site.

    But if you started typing something else that started with a P into the search bar, it could have been a suggestion (I just tried it and was a suggestion.)

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