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Plato's Republic questions?

I really, really need some help with these questions. I would greatly appreciate it. Please.



A) How does a state come into being? (What actually is a state?)

B) Why do citizens need a state? (a state is a synonym for a government)

C) What kind of state (government) is the best?


A) What is the best type of education for the leaders of the state?

B) What is the role of censorship in this state?

NOTE: I did read the book, and re-read it, but I really need some help. Thanks.

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    Different classes of people living together trying to relate makes a state

    a state is needed for governanc

    A state with a philosopher king consisting of workers warriors rulers is best

    education system should produce philosopher kings who love truth

    censorship is to control the indesciplined through reason and wisdom

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