mixed acidentally little dextron mercon on my dodge ATF?

I was checking my 1998 dodge durango 4x4 and trans oil was low so this veicle requires ATF Last time changed with ATF sinthetic but accidentally mix like 3 oz. of mercon dextron, Is the gone damage the trans. Recomendations please, in advace thankyou.

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    6 years ago
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    ATF+3 is the fluid that came with your Durango and the Dexron III Mercon is used for ford transmissions. Probably okay short term but in the long run it may cause damage to your transmission which we all know is a very expensive fix. I would get the fluid flushed and replace it with the newer ATF+4 which replaces ATF+3. You can also talk to a local transmission shop to get their opinion as they are best to answer this question.

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  • 6 years ago

    3 oz will not hurt it, besides you can buy synthetic blend.

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