why does every high achieving girl seem to want nothing to do with me?

I'm a high achieving guy, I get good grades, I have eagle scout, I'm hoping attend UD in the spring, I swim athletically, I sing, I'm multilingual, am trying to learn how to dance and play an instrument, I am pursuing a career in journalism, most people think I'm funny, good looking, intresting, insightful, smart and I'm quite confident and get along with just about everybody....

I've gotten to the point where high achieving women that I'm interested in don't even want to know me, they just reject getting to know me off the bat. Even though women I talk with regularly (friends, I don't want to date these women) call me a good friend. It's getting kind of hurtful at this point.

So I don't really get what the issue here is, are these not all things that women want in a guy?


idk, it's just annoying. Here I am thinking that I'm a catch but my babe count begs to differ

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm a high achieving girl and high achieving guys just never attract me. They are arrogant, sometimes act like babies and always get what they want and have no modesty. Some of the nerds just arent cool. My past crushes and boyfriends have always gotten below average grades. Maybe its because I like "bad boys". Maybe its their personality I tend to like shy guys. I've had a couple friends like you but after a while I get fed up with them. Sorry if the truth hurts. Sometimes its the very little things, maybe your good/bad habits? Maybe because opposites attract? Maybe it is a certain jealousy that some girls want to be better.

  • 7 years ago

    They do trust me the women are probably just jealous of you. Idk what to tell you because I can already tell that id date u

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