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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago


How are speaking turns managed in the classroom? Describe the process of input generation, output production, and floor management in a Chinese EFL classroom in Taiwan?




Discuss the importance of comprehensible output production and teacher feedback provision to English instruction.

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  • 7 years ago
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    ---To describe the input generation,output production in a Chinese EFL class TW:-

    The importance of comprehensible input

    =listen +teacher feedback

    =to give attention to hearing

    =listening to a play on the radio(voice of America)

    =listen to teacher's advice

    =able to solve student's problems

    =Hence listen to a broadcast on the radio

    =to the news.

    Then listen to the conversation of other people,esp. secretly

    =eg:-The president have been listening taped in on your iphone call.

    The topic of this lesson

    =Have a listen to this new taping CD.

    The importance of comprehensive output+teacher's feedback


    =express thought aloud using the voice+talk

    =about your idea

    =each student on his speaking term

    =must be willing to talk and be polite to each pother

    =Try speaking as student-leader,I am in favour of this idea

    =speak the truth,the basic truth

    =give your opinion freely

    =in favour of the motion

    =Actions speak louder than words

    =Do students speak English?

    =English is spoken (in classs)here. However,Not a word is spoken about the embarrassing affair

    eg:-sex,failure in studies,erotic affairs;where the teacher should give a guiding solution here.

    Marks speak for itself;so give some good marks.

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  • 鼠王
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    7 years ago

    請問關於英語教室互動的課程問題 版主您好,打擾了◎_◎








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  • 7 years ago

    Thanks, but can you answer me what is floor management?

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