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Who is at fault here?

So over the weekend we all went out with friends. My friend asked this girls bf about what he was doing. He answered, then asked back and my friend said he was studying. He then explained how he wanted to try out for the Navy SEALs. The guy looked at him and said you dont know ****.

ummm we all were like ummmm what? so this is how it went down

friends bf: are you in the top of your class?

my friend: in what?

friends bf: In anything

my friend: in the physical im doing pretty good.

friends bf: I don't believe you.

my friend: okay?

friends bf: have you done any sports before?

my friend: swimming and track

friends bf: have you done any contact sports?

my friend: umm I guess jiu jitsu.

friends bf: are you top of your class?

my friend: no? I dont think im the best there

friends bf: how do you expect to be a navy SEAL?

friends bf: looks away*

my friend: is something wrong? seems like you wanna say something? we're men just be blunt with me.

friends bf: wanna step outside?

from there he wanted to fight my friend. Soooo um who is at fault?

everyone kinda hates the guy who wanted to fight. I dont understand knocking someone for a dream they have. He seemed to get upset and said if you cant beat my *** you cant be a navy SEAL. I dont understand that logic. My friend decline fighting with him and said I have nothing to prove and his gf kept telling my friend to not fight. Is the guy who wants to fight a dick? or does he have reason?

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    I think it's cute the guy wants to be a seal. I knew a guy who wanted to be a penguin.

    Your friend should follow his dream. He does swimming, which is good for seals. He needs to learn to balance stuff on his nose, cause seals are at awesome at that ****.

    Anyway, the friend's bf who wanted to fight was being a total dick.

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