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What is are some valuable majors that are NOT STEM majors?

There's an abundance of people getting science and math degrees. Face it, there are too many engineers, too many scientists, and too many mathematicians. There are just not enough jobs to fill. This is the damned truth, and I'm tired of being told that in order to have any future I must major in science or mathematics. It's a complete lie! I know quite a few biologists who can't find work. One of them works at CVS, and she is a graduate. I can see engineering being the most promising, but I am simply not intellectually up to par math or science wise for studying engineering. So, does ANYONE know what valuable majors exist that have nothing to do with either science, technology, or math? I'm considering an English degree with a minor in a foreign language. I'm currently an education (K-6) major, but I am definitely going to be changing my major. I simply don't want to be a teacher anymore because this is a high burnout job with very little reward (as in, money.)


Statistics are not accurate. That's why they are statistics. Statistics are guesses. Thanks for insulting me in the process of your attempt at supporting STEM. How rude. You clearly don't think logically about this. Everyone is talking about this STEM. A load of students go to college and study a STEM degree because it is hyped up by media and your so-called "statistics" (which aren't a promise or accurate.) We will end up with so many in the next decade, there will be NO jobs. That's just the obvious.

Update 2:

How dare you call me lazy, by the way? You don't know me. I work very hard in my academics to maintain a high GPA. My degree requires that I maintain a 3.5GPA or higher to be eligible for licensure. My classes cover a good deal of all subjects, including: your prized math and science. Yes, I have even taken two statistics courses and chemistry and biology. Imagine that! I am far from lazy, thank you very much.

Update 3:

Oh yes, I have read the news. Except, in my experience, I don't usually like to trust what the media has to say. I've also read news that disagrees with the notion that "STEM is where it's at." On top of that, I've had multiple professors telling me not to go in to STEM, because there are simply too many people in these fields now to fill all the jobs. Reason being that everyone is trying to get a STEM major because they think they will be making big bucks afterwards. This is my personal choice. I can choose not to go in to a stem major if I so please, and no one has yet to actually even answer my question so you are wasting your damn time. The world needs diversity. And, for the third time at least, If everyone is a STEM, then no one will have jobs. This is my point, which I have stated twice, and you are both clearly too ignorant to understand. Business companies are actually more likely to hire people with humanities backgrounds than STEM. Personally, I'

Update 4:

'd love to go into advertising. This kind of work requires someone who understands people. Go preach your STEM choir elsewhere, because the information you think you are giving me is completely unrelated to the question at hand. It's redundant.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    If you think you're going to find a high paying job with a "non-stem" major, you are dreaming. I have news for you. Nobody is born good at math. You get good at it through hard work and practice. Engineers make more money because (1) it's more difficult to get an engineering degree which results in a lower supply, and (2) because engineers actually make things that people want which means higher demand.

    "Not being good at math" is just a typical excuse that lazy people use because they don't want to put in the hard work.

    And what's really funny is that engineers ultimately end up with easier lives because they usually love what they do and because they have higher financial security. All we had to do is put in two or three years of hard work in college and then it's smooth sailing after that. People like you are willing to slave away at a crappy job for the rest of their lives because you weren't willing to grind out a few years of proper college.

    Go ahead and keep dreaming about that high paying, non-science job. Just more money and less competition for us engineers.

    Oh, and if you think I'm just full of it, just go read the latest employment statistics. Specifically median income and average unemployment by major.

    Edit: So rather than going with statistics, you'll go with you're baseless, non-sense assumptions? I can tell you right now that there's no shortage of engineering jobs and isn't going to be anytime soon.

    Not like you'll listen to anything I say anyway. My reply isn't sugar-coated enough for you. I'll leave it to the liberals to coddle your feelings. Let me know how that job search goes.

    Edit 2: It doesn't look like too many people agree with you, buddy. But that's ok. You just go ahead and keep hope alive for all those other liberal arts majors out there. BTW, do you want to buy a bridge?

    • While you are correct about Engineering, you're totally wrong about no one being naturally gifted in math. That's absurdly untrue. Math comes very easily to some, and not at all to others. No amount of hard work in the world can "bridge" that gap.

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  • Judith
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Would the military ever get rid of boot camp because its hard? If we inflate grades it will only cause an over abundance of poorly qualified engineers and doctors. The reason we have weed out courses is because not everyone is cut out to be an engineer or doctor. If you can't do math you shouldn't be an engineer. How is someone that really should have failed calculus or algebra really going to understand mechanics of materials? What happens when they need to improvise, or derive their own formula for a complex structure some architect has drawn on paper. I was a student that was stuck in the weed out classes, but because I failed and had to retake them I understand them better then before and can apply them where I need to. The weed out courses make you disciplined and committed. I go to college and I can tell the difference between a future PE teacher and a future engineer. Trust me we don't want them designing a high rise.

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  • Jules
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    ummm have you read the news lately? engineers are in the most demand.

    I think you got your info backwards.

    most people who major in biology intend to go to med school. they usually intend to be a doctor, pharmacists, dentists etc. but the ones who are currently not doing too much with their degree are the ones who didn't get good enough grades to get accepted into grad school. or they did get accepted, but they do not have enough money because they took out too many loans for the undergrad years. or maybe they do not know what they want to do.

    if you want to learn more about careers and the world outside of school, then you should read the news

    you can be a speech pathologist if you like working with kids. you need a 3.7 to get into grad school. and you cannot be a speech pathologist unless you go to grad school. they make good/very good money

    Source(s): college senior
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