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Who is the Justice League's archnemesis?

Or archenemies? For example, I'm talking relationships like:

Batman vs The Joker

Superman vs Lex Luthor

The Avengers vs Ultron

Thor vs Loki

Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin & Doc Oc

Goku vs Vegeta

TJ Detweiler vs Erwin Lawsen

Bugs Bunny vs Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam

Wile E Coyote vs The Roadrunner

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  • 6 years ago
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    You mean archenemies of the Justice League as a whole organization, not just archnemesis of individual Justice Legue members? Justice League battled several teams of criminals working togheter including:

    * Injustice League: Historically, a group of D-List villains led by Major Disaster but chronologically a villainous group formed by the alien tyrant Agamemno and made up of some of the League's greatest individual nemeses. The group would later resurface led by Luthor, Joker, and Cheetah with a virtual army of villains.

    * Injustice Gang: The first group of the League's enemies to come together against them that has returned repeatedly, in the most recent incarnations led by Lex Luthor.

    * Crime Syndicate: An evil version of the Justice League on a parallel Earth.

    * Secret Society of Super Villains: An ever changing alliance of super-villains under several leaders during its existence that often blended major villains with lower tier contemporaries.

    * Created for the Super Friends, the Legion of Doom was composed of some of the League's worst individual nemeses.

    * Crime Champions: When the Justice Society and Justice League teamed together, their enemies banded together to oppose them, using a device the Fiddler had discovered to travel between worlds. The group was made up of Shade, Icicle, Fiddler, Wizard, Felix Faust, and Chronos. The group would reform later with Doctor Alchemy in place of the Shade.

    * Royal Flush Gang: Several incarnations of a group on a playing card theme to face the League many times.

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  • 6 years ago

    It changes over time. I would have to say, for the last couple of decades, it's been the "Crime Syndicate". They are the evil counterparts of the Justice League from a parallel universe.

    There was the "Secret Society of Super Villains". And, before them, the "Royal Flush Gang".

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  • Ra's al Ghul, Darkseid, and everyone else.

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