How do I let my family know im a brony?

Im a 13 year old boy and sort of a brony. I a bit if-ish about it but I am partly one. I want to tell my mom and sister, but I dont want to be made fun of or have a joke about it every day. They are kinda like the people who find stuff like this funny and will tease me about it if I dont go at it the right way.

A brony is a adult/male fan of the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for all who dont know

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    6 years ago
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    Really, you should just do it. I know it seems hard, but I just admit to my parents that I'm a brony myself a few days ago, after 2 whole years of hiding it, and frankly, they didn't care nearly as much as I thought they would. I could've done that TWO YEARS AGO and gotten it off my chest, but I didn't. I let the fear of potential persecution get under my skin when I shouldn't have.

    If they do tease you, there's a few things you need to realize:

    1. Have some semblance of thick skin. People get teased in life. They are words. It's no big deal what others think of you. In fact, getting upset by it only makes bronies seem worse by comparison, that they can't...

    2. ...Learn to laugh at themselves. Because really, from one brony to another, IT IS WEIRD. Not bad, mind you, but weird nonetheless. I mean, who saw anything like bronies coming three and a half years ago? No one, because it is so off the wall! Not taking it too seriously is key. But there is a line, and to identify it, you must...

    3. ...Know the difference between lighthearted familial/friendly teasing and actually making fun of you. Teasing and joking around is one thing. Mocking you is another. If they do tease you for it and it gets to be too much for you, let them know. If they're decent people, they'll listen to you. If it persists, talk to a teacher or counsellor, or just someone like that you do trust to sort things out. It might sound lame, but really, it is the decent thing to do in that situation.

    Now, all that said, there are some things you can do to lessen the main cause of teasing bronies, which is that they don't really know what bronies are about. If things get out of hand, try showing them these sites:

    And if they're willing to reeeeaally give you a shot, then I highly recommend you all watch the brony fan-made documentary Ballad of the Brony:

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    Okay, that should cover you. And if after all that your family is STILL unreasonable about it, then... Oh well. Can't please everybody. And just take solace in the fact that it'd be THEM who have to micromanage others to such an extent that they'd mock you over liking a high quality TV show they happen to disapprove of you liking. That is of course all dependent on them being the absolute most stubborn people out there which I'm sure they aren't. :)

    Anywho, good luck, have a nice day, and brony on with pride!

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  • Kay
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    6 years ago

    In that case maybe you shouldn't tell them...but there are always online fandoms.

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