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Ditto Music vs Venzo Digital?? Please Help!!?

I am planning on releasing a single on iTunes. would it be a better choice to choose ditto music that can get it on in less than 24 hrs & keep 100% of royalties but only be able to release 10 songs? or go the venzo digital way where it can take up to 4 weeks but only 80 % royalties but unlimited music? if I did ditto music and then once my free 10 songs were up and switched to venzo would I still be able to put myself down as the same artist? thanks!!

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    Hello maybe I can shed some light. It really depends on your catalog. If you have a relatively small catalog size (say 1-3 albums), you want to keep 100% of your sales, and can afford the upkeep, then I would recommend Ditto over what my company offers.

    If you have a large catalog and would like to have detailed Analytics (i.e the ability to see how many units you sell on iTunes everyday), more control of your music (I.e the ability to do Pre-Orders, choose territories, upload your image artwork in any size, set your own pricing, etc.), and sell unlimited Ringtones + iPhone apps then Venzo Digital is right for you. :)

    Kevin Rivers

    CEO, Venzo Digital

    Source(s): I'm CEO of Venzo Digital
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    As far as I know is the best option by far. Free option for artists and also paid version where we keep 100% of the royalties. My music was live in all stores in 1 weeks, but itunes within like 5 hours (not sure if it can be done all the time that fast)

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    Ditto Music

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