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What is your favorite romance movie and why?

My favorite romances are: Titanic, the Notebook, pride and prejudice, and Wuthering heights by CBS. I was just wondering if there were other movies I might be missing out on.

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    A Star Is Born

    there are three versions that I know of. I only saw the 1937 film with Janet Gaynor as the starring actress. It just happened to come on TV one night when I was watching. It was very touching and my favorite love story movie. I have never cried so much as well.

    I want to see the 1954 Judy Garland one next. Then I'll try the 1976 one with Barbra Striesand. Evergreen is a perfect song for the movie.

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    The Pallisers (1974)

    A forced, arranged marriage between Mr. Palliser and the ultra-wealthy and orphaned debutante Lady Glencora seems doomed from the start but slowly changes for the better. They have their share of struggles and personality clashes, but it remains a solid, affectionate marriage.

    The film covers the years 1860 - 1885. During that time they raise a family, enjoy friendships with the politically-elite and not-so-elite and weather the storms of life. I enjoy the discerning and cordial character: Madame Max Goesler for the warmth and integrity she adds to the plot.

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    50 first date: the story is so sweet, starring adam sandler that makes lucy, starring drew barrymore to fall in love with him every single day (Lucy has some brain issues)

    just go with it: it's so funny, also starring adam sandler and jennifer anniston, extremely hillarious

    crazy stupid love: like the title, it's totally INSANE and CRAZY!! you gotta watch this

    new year's eve: about 5/6 different stories but somehow connected on the new year's eve. this is a really good movie for new year's eve.

    the bounty hunter: again, starring jennifer anniston. this movie is so funny and interesting. about an ex couple...this is a must-watch.

    500 days of summer: I only watch half, but it's really good

    something borrowed: starring ginifer goodwin. she's in love with a guy that will marry her best friend, kate hudson (I guess :p)

    the switch: okay, I love jennifer anniston. this is a story where jennifer anniston has a IVF. and the sperm donor is her own best friend, but she didn't know that, she thinks it's a guy that played by...I forgot.

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    Somewhere in Time, is a classic romance film. The guy literally wills himself back in time to win the woman of his dreams.

    Another great time Travel love story, is "Leopold & Kate"

    a man discovers a portal to the past, and brings some ancient dude, to modern times, where of course, he charms Meg Ryan. .....but of course.......he must go back.

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    Princess Bride, it has comedy, action, and adventure! One of the best all around movies I have ever seen.

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    I really love the Twilight movies. They are epic! I mean, the romance is just.......AH-MAZING <3

    any nicholas sparks movie is good too :)

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