Could someone give me information on the SIMS 3?

I want to buy the Sims 3 for Mac, and I have some questions. I've played it before, but only on DS, so it's very different. I don't understand the whole expansion pack thing etc.

What do they do? And which one would be best to get?

Also, kind of a bonus question, if anyone know it'd be really helpful, but I'd be buying the version they sell in the US, but I live in Europe. Would it still work here? My computer is in English and everything. From what I know it's only consoles and DVD's that don't work, would I have a problem ?

Any more tips welcome ;)


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    There are two kinds of Sims 3 expansion packs.

    Stuff Packs are exactly what it says on the tin, they add stuff. They don't modify the base game in any major way, they just add more stuff you can buy and add to your house, clothing collection, or neighborhood. That being said, downloading custom things from fan sites will usually have plenty of extra options if you want more things to buy, so I don't think they are really necessary. Stuff packs are cheaper than true expansion packs.

    The other expansion packs are true expansion packs and are game altering. Each expansion pack usually has a 'theme' which alters the way the game is played. World Adventures, for instance, adds vacations to foreign lands, quests in those foreign lands, and vacation homes.

    All the expansion packs add more stuff, and most add more careers, so which you get depends on what you want to add to your game.

    World Adventures: Quests and vacation related things. The ability to create basements in homes. This pack adds no careers.

    Ambitions: Job related choices, allowing you to control the way your Sims work. It also adds reasonable self-employment jobs.

    Late Night: Allows dates, nightclubs, bars, adds the celebrity mechanic. Also allows you to meet or become a vampire (note Supernatural also adds this). Originally this expansion also added more control over sim creation, but that has since been patched into the base game.

    Generations: Adds more things to do at each age category.

    Pets: Allows create-a-sim style pet creation, more pets, and more pet related activities.

    Showtime: Adds performance related things, most notably the ability to visit a friend's town to do performances.

    Supernatural: Adds several new things your sim can become, including witch, werewolf, pixie, etc. It also allows you to start as something supernatural instead of having to earn it in game.

    Seasons: Adds weather and seasons.

    University Life: Allows you to control a sim as they go through their college education.

    Island Paradise: Adds houseboats, water travel, and resort management.

    Into the Future: Adds time travel (to the future only) create-a-robot, and futuristic things like hoverboards.


    It is entirely possible to get a base game that includes at least one or two of the early expansion packs for free.

    I can't really tell you which one you want the most, that's up to you. That said Ambitions and Late Night probably impact your 'basic' game the most. (Supernatural also has a big impact, but only if you like fantasy stuff.)


    I'm afraid I can't answer the bonus question.

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    7 years ago

    the answer above is great i cant do any better. as for the bonus question, you should look to see if the expansion and stuff packs are region locked or not, if they are im not sure you can play a us game in Europe.

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