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Tips for wearing contacts to the beach?

So I will be going on holiday soon and I can't go without contacts/glasses because my vision is quite bad. I don't want to wear my glasses because it really brings my self esteem down and all that. So should I wear sunglasses so sand/sea water won't get into my eyes? I will not be swimming but I may be walking in water about ankle/knee deep. Waves aren't really strong where I'm going. So should I wear sunglasses or does it not matter? Any tips?

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    I've had contacts over 40 years and I swim in mine in teh sea although I do use dailes for this so I can throw them away after to minimize infection risk. Glasses are awful on the beach - they get dirty, sand ruins the lenses and you can't see anything - its the sort of thing contacts are prefect for. If you are just walking in the water you needn't worry - the occasional splash is absolutely nothing to worry about. With old hard contacts you had to be very careful about sand blowing in your eyes as this was painful, but modern soft contacts dont' have nearly the issue with this , so unless its really windy you needn't worry anymore than someone without contacts about sand getting in your eyes. I tend to wear sunglasses as I find the sun and glare on the water gives me migraine but that is nothing to do with contacts. I would take re-wetting drops. Salt air , and glare can dry the eyes. Take a case as well - if sand does get in your eyes you'll want your lenses otu fast. It isnt' a danger to your eyes but it doesn't half hurt, but as I say very unlikely with soft. I spend a lot of time on the beach and have never had a problem with soft.

    Enjoy. Over 40 years later I still remember that first time I had contacts on holiday on the beach and how brilliant it was.

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    As long as your really sure your not going into the water more than just knee deep you should e fine wearing your contacts and non-prescription sunglasses over them.

    Source(s): Retired optician
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