Can one isolate them self for a while and not suffer any consequences ... read description *interesting*?

So lets say, i was to isolate and cut myself off from my general everyday routine (more so, social life) for about 6 - 12 months for a self evaluation and betterment process, and adopting and adapting to a new mindset. During this time off, i'd read books..lots of em (i.e books on spirituality, philosophy, human nature, understanding ......, how to .........), meditate heavily, exercise and workout, re-read books, meditate more, reflect, study and practice things i want to be knowledgeable and skilled at, planning, creating, imagining, and practicing some more.

of course i will continue going to work and every once in a while pay a friend a visit, and if they so insist, go out.

Now, will this isolation deplete my social skills ? will my "street smarts" and "common sense" suffer ? are there any upsides and downsides to this ? what is your take on it ? have you ever undergone something like this ?

Thanks everyone, your answers will be greatly appreciated

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    7 years ago
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    What your thinking about is the path many Asian cultures follow.

    This is the path of relinquishment and devotion.

    Within imperial life we are rendered dependable upon pervading powers, constrained and obfuscated with lies. (Those on stage)

    Also many of here become attached, identified and confounded with material things.

    “Materialism, attachment to things of the world, includes pride. Many religious people suffer from pride: taking pleasure or even delight in being good, or religious.”

    ― Idries Shah, Sufi Thought and Action

    If one realizes the evanescent nature of things, one is no longer attached to them, and thus frinds peace. Mental disturbance and pain are caused by our attachment to transitory objects, taking them to be permanent. CHAPTER XI - P71 - ASTAVAKRA SAMHITA


    Pleasure or pain are aspects of the mind only. Our essential nature is

    happiness. But we have forgotten the Self and imagine that the body or the

    mind is the Self. It is that wrong identity that gives rise to misery.

    Sri Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950)

    He who is forgetful of the Self, mistaking the physical body for it, and goes through innumerable births, is like one who wanders all over the world in a dream. Thus, realizing the Self would only be like waking up from the dream­wanderings.

    Sri Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950)

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    The meditation would have to come first - - that is, it would have to be your major focus. Meditation will not adversely affect your common sense. It will improve it. As for reading, it would depend which books you're talking about. If you're trying to develop yourself spiritually, then you need to meditate, practice karma yoga (meaning do what you do without attachment to the outcome - - that means that you do your absolute best but don't worry over the consequences - - it's a way of working toward getting away from the ego). Yes, I've lived like this off and on over the years - - it's a good thing to do because the world is offering you a "reality" that isn't real. By living away from the insanity that they call "truth" and "reality," you get closet to real reality and get ever further away from the colossal fantasy that 99.9999% of the world lives in. One more thing: I would do some focusing on Death. There's a meditative practice called, "practicing dying," and it helps you to put things into perspective. Some do it lying on their backs and go into a deeply calmed state and then ponder the fact that they will someday be gone from that body. It's a powerful exercise and combined with meditation it can be spiritually transformative. These practices are best done in the dead of the night. Good luck ...

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    Well, if you plan on completely cutting yourself out of your social life, you may lose some friends, now, the friends you have now, know you as you are now, iscolating yourself and in the brighter scheme of things soul searching, you may find another side to you, a side you will be when you're done, if you're going to be reading a lot of books, and opening your mind to a lot of different things, your way of thinking will change, your view on things, and just basically you in general, some of your friends may not like the end result, but if they are true friends then you shouldn't have much of a problem, on the upside, once you've found yourself you'll know how to make yourself happy and it'll be easier meeting people who share the same views. Just remember to let your friends know what you'll be doing, and hope that in the end the change will be to the best in their eyes.

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