Can one isolate them self for a while and not suffer any consequences ... read description *interesting*?

So lets say, i was to isolate and cut myself off from my general everyday routine (more so, social life) for about 6 - 12 months for a self evaluation and betterment process. During this time off, i'd read books..lots of em (i.e books on spirituality, philosophy, human nature, understanding ......, how to .........), meditate heavily, exercise and workout, re-read books, meditate more, reflect, study and practice things i want to be knowledgeable and skilled at, planning, creating, imagining, and practicing some more.

of course i will continue going to work and every once in a while pay a friend a visit, and if they so insist, go out.

Now, will this isolation deplete my social skills ? will my "street smarts" and "common sense" suffer ? are there any upsides and downsides to this ? what is your take on it ? have you ever undergone something like this ?

Thanks everyone, your answers will be greatly appreciated

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  • Carl
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    7 years ago
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