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NRHH: Am I a swagaholic?

I drink swag juice like 10 times a day I say yolo about 50 times a day I wear my hat backwards and sag my pants I listen to oil Wayne and soulja boy and I doing break dancing on my meantime, I like to lick my lips alot coz it makes me more sexier and more swagable, I say swag up about 100 times a day and I am really cool

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    That Sounds Gay As ****

    Stop Being A Confrormist or Following Ternds To Be Accepted By Society

    Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne Are Shitty Rappers And Break Dancing Is Nothing

    Saying YOLO and Swag doesn't make you cool

    Just Cause You Dress like all these other Dumbasses doesn't mean Tons Of People Are Gonna Like You

    And Licking Your Lips For Swag Is Retarded

    Source(s): I am the person i really am and I got a ass load of friends in school and they all Like me for what I am I Call That Swag And If Your Gonna Call Them or Me A Loser You don't Know Me and If Your Trying To Be Accepted By Society By Being A Conformist I Think You Would Be The Loser
  • Swoope
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    7 years ago

    I'm sorry to say this Jay but you......are a swagaholic and after years of research, we have no such cures.

  • With the description you provided it does seem as though you are a swagaholic.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No, but you're f@galicious...

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  • hmu :)

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