GF wants to visit her sister on a B-2 visa between school graduation and nursing boards?

My GF is in nursing school and graduates in April. Her nursing boards are in November. Her sister in the US supports her completely. She absolutely must return to take her nursing boards. Based on that would she qualify for a B-2 US visa from the Philippines? She won't mention anything about me to officials because this trip was planned long before me. We won't do the K-1 visa until 2015 although maybe we can start the processing while she is in the States before she returns to the Philippines for her tests.


@Raelyn Actually she has to pass her boards in PI before she can take NCLEX here. It is far from useless.

Update 2:

I also know one girl that was granted a Visa on her second attempt, but she held a respectable political office in PI and is desperate for a husband lol...

Update 3:

Also Lisa how is this fraud? She planned on visiting before she met me for 3 months. There is no fraud involved. Would be a legit visit then she would go back to PI for several months.

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  • Raelyn
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    7 years ago
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    Her Philippines nursing credentials won't be recognized in the. US, so if she's planning on immigrating here, there is little incentive to take them. It would make more sense for her to enter with a B-2 visa and overstay to study for the NCLEX while waiting to adjust status after marrying you. Even if the. US consular officer doesn't know about you, he or she may suspect your fiancé has immigration intent and deny the visa.

    EDIT: actually each state sets its own requirements for foreign nurses. Some require foreign licensure prior to taking the NCLEX while others don't. It is possible to circumvent the requirement by first getting licensed in a state that does not require the NLE and then using that license to obtain another in a state that does.

  • Lisa A
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    7 years ago

    Young, unmarried Filipinas can't get tourist visas. Every country know what will happen if they are granted tourist visas. Especially if they have blood relatives in the country. Especially if they have a fiance in that country. This is a recipe for fraud.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    She most likely will not qualify for a Visa to the US no harm in trying though.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    single young philipino women are rarely given visa to the US

    the amount of fraud is huge

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