Need some help on what type of truck to look for?

I'm looking for a used truck with four doors under 21k. I don't know what year or amount of miles I should be looking for and what is considered a good deal. any advice would help. thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    I would recommend a 2008 or lower Toyota Tacoma. They have a very excellent build quality. The 2.7 4cyl is very fuel efficient with 20 city 25-26 highway mpg depending on the model because it also has an available V6. A 4 door model is available. Decent ones will be around $16K - $28K on the TRD model, depending on the model, year, condition, and miles. As for miles it will be better to look at the condition first, as some high mileage vehicles may run good and some low mileage vehicles are bad. But don't get something too high because even though the high mileage motor runs good other components might fail. Maybe something below 50K miles will do

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  • Erik
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    6 years ago

    Miles on a vehicle mostly mean nothing to me as long as maintenace has been kept up on the vehicle. Dont want a vehicle that has had 5 owners in the last 6 years. Buy from a private seller. Craigslist or somethin. Cause the owner knows the history of the vehicle which is important to me.

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