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can someone help me with 360 waves?

I have questions on how to get waves but idk how to do them what should I do and not do?

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    hey kyle,

    the first thing to do is get a low cut.

    Then get yourself a good brush (like waveEnforcer, diane or annie)

    A durag or wave cap

    and some products like wavebuilder spin'n waves and deep wave.

    The #1 most important thing in getting waves is brushing your hair. You have to do it right. and do it often. You have to brush all directions out from the crown.

    Put a little bit of product in your hair and then:

    1) brush the top forward

    2) brush the back down

    3) brush the sides down toward your cheeks.

    do it for at least 15 minutes every day. the best wavers brush an hour a day.

    at night, wear your durag or wave cap to save your progress. otherwise your hair can get messed up.

    do this for several weeks without getting it cut.

    Source(s): how to get 360 waves: There's a picture how to brush here.
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    go to hairdressers

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